Frequently Asked Questions


Warman Childcare Centre will call every six months, to see if you still require care. This keeps the waitlist current and up to date. If you no longer require care please let the centre know. When a spot opens up we will start calling parents, if you get called we will collect a $200 deposit to hold your spot. Please note that families need to leave in order for spots to open up.
The regulation that governs licensed facilities ensures a minimum standard of care, appropriate staffing levels and suitable qualifications. A licensed facility also has access to government funding, both on a capital and operational level; these funds have been secured for the Warman Childcare Centre.
The Government-issued childcare license allows us to accommodate 46 spots in total. The breakdown is: 6 infants (6weeks-18months) 10 toddlers (18-29 months) 20 preschool aged (30 months – kindergarten 1 School Aged spot 6 flex spots ( 5 toddler and 1 preschool).
We are open from 7am- 5:30 pm, Monday- Friday. We will offer full time spots only.

We have a full time cook on staff that prepares healthy and, as much as possible, fresh, homemade snacks and meals for the children.

The design of the building and its spaces adheres to the widely accepted philosophy that children learn through play and exploration. We have created safe and age-appropriate play areas for those in our care and are constantly developing new programs, games and activities that encourage creativity, self-awareness and meaningful social interaction.

The Government of Saskatchewan offers subsidies for low-income families; applicants can work with the director to fill out the necessary paperwork and we will forward to the Ministry on the family’s behalf. Once approved, the Director is then responsible for remitting actual childcare hours on a monthly basis and related subsidy payments will be issued directly to the Centre; parents will be billed for the difference.
As of January 1, 2020 our rates are the following:
Infant: $217.50
Toddler: $ 217.5
Preschooler: $217.5
Children over 6 do not qualify for the parent fee subsidy grant.  They are required to pay the full preschool fee.

At this time we will not be offering a discount for families with multiple children attending the centre.

There will be separate rooms with age-appropriate toys, furniture and programs for each of the aged groups. That said, there will be opportunities throughout the day, like during outdoor play, excursions and sometimes during quiet time in the afternoons, for siblings from different age groups to interact with each other.
Yes; this will be mandatory for all employees of the facility.
To maintain employment, all part time and full time employees working in excess of 65 hours/month, will be required to be actively working towards or have completed Early Childhood Educators programs; depending on their position within the organization, this may require Level I, II, or III. The exception would be those responsible for food preparation and/or service as well as those staff working less than 65 hours/month.
As a registered non-profit organization, the Warman Childcare Centre’s business plan was not created to generate significant profits; it is intended to generate sufficient funds to cover its annual expenses. Any monies remaining after operational expenditures have been paid will be used for future operations or put into a reserve fund to maintain the upkeep of the building.
The Centre is located in the same parking lot as the Brian King Centre- 300 8th Avenue North. This particular location is ideal in terms of proximity to nearby playgrounds/ spray park and the green space immediately around the building offers more than adequate area for outdoor play. View Map
The Warman Childcare Centre is about creating a permanent, reliable, nurturing and safe environment for the growth and development of the children in our community. It is also about employment and mobility for families. Families with access to reliable and affordable childcare can then pursue gainful employment. Employers have access to a larger pool of potential employees, which is good for business and good for the economy. The entire community benefits.

While we have fundamentally completed the construction process, we anticipate a wide range of fundraising activities will be required to maintain operations in the first several years.

As the 43 licensed spaces in the Centre is well below the amount of children in Warman, there will still be consistent demand for home-based childcare providers in the area. We look forward to working with these experienced and very capable care givers to ensure that the children in our community grow up in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.
The demand for childcare greatly exceeds the aggregate number of spaces available in day homes in our area. There will still be a need for these childcare providers and educational institutions; the Warman Childcare Centre simply provides families with another option. We will offer fulltime care for families requiring consistent, year round support for children from the age of 6 weeks until they have completed kindergarten.
We have adopted a business plan and budget that ensures the facility is financially viable on an annual basis; this plan does account for annual fundraising activity. Revenues include user fees, government operational grants, and annual fundraising. Significant expenses include labour, mortgage payments, food, and programming costs such as materials/supplies.
Yes, any donations of $20 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt.